Our mission is to encourage participation in and appreciation of the art of orchestral music by the public and students for life-long experiences in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Our History

The newly named “West Virginia symphony Orchestra - Parkersburg” (WVSO-P) was established in March of 1988, as the “Mid-Ohio Valley Symphony Society” (MOVSS). The purpose was to bring the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra concerts to the Mid-Ohio Valley region from Charleston, and to provide a “second home” for the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra (WVSO) is a fully professional, unionized orchestra. Its members are chosen by nationally competitive auditions. Most of then hold advanced degrees in music, many perform on a regular basis with other distinguished ensembles, including the Cincinnati Symphony, Columbus symphony, Dayton Philharmonic, and the Cleveland Orchestra.


Our Board of Directors

Mary Ann Osborne - Chairman

Beverly Kerr - Vice Chairman

Priscilla Leavitt - Secretary

Sally Harris - Treasurer

Patricia Pritchard - Assistant Treasurer

David Bidstrup - Administrative Assistant, mailing

Kathy Abbott

Mark Abbott

Deborah Amigo

Becky Deem

Sue Ellen Johnson

Lois Morford

Chuck Noffsinger

Steve Sandifer

Jayne Whitlow

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
— Victor Hugo